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Dr André von Backstrom is a medical doctor who qualified in South Africa in 1988. He has a 2 year diploma in sedation and pain control and was clinical assistant anesthetist at The Royal Berkshire Hospital until 2001.

He has been involved in dental anesthesia and sedation since 1991 and has carried out in excess of 60,000 general anesthetics and sedations. He is a founder member of the Society of Conscious Sedation and is one of the most experienced sedationists in dentistry in the Europe. He renews an Immediate Life Support Certificate yearly.

He prides himself in providing the most caring and understanding treatment possible to his patients. The sedation makes the patient very sleepy, removes the anxiety and relaxes the patient throughout the treatment. It ensures the patient has a pleasant experience at the dentist.

Dr André von Backstrom is registered with the GMC Registration No : 3528718.

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