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Refer A Patient

Connecting Dental Professionals for Enhanced Patient Care

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Our Referral Program

Coppertop Dental Surgery values the professional relationships we share with fellow dentists. Our Refer a Patient program is designed to strengthen these connections by providing a seamless and supportive process for referring your patients to our practice. Trust in our experienced team to extend the same level of high-quality care to your patients as you would. By referring your patients to Coppertop, you contribute to their oral health journey while enjoying a collaborative partnership focused on comprehensive dental excellence.

The Referral Process

Any patients who require referring for treatment to an external Hospital / Practice by a specialist can be completed by your treating Dentist. You will be required to sign a form consenting for your personal information to be shared.

A referral letter is completed and sent to the relevant place, assessed and sent to triage by the consultant who then either arranges for the patient to be seen or offers clinical advice to the referring dentist, whichever is deemed appropriate.

Both the patient and the treating Dentist will receive a copy of the letter from the Hospital.

How Long will I have to Wait?

Patients can be expected to wait between 4-6 weeks to hear from the relevant Hospital / Practice depending on the current waiting list.

Patients waiting for treatment under sedation can be expected to wait several months depending on the current waiting list.

How much will I have to Pay?

For a referral to an external Hospital / Practice for treatment under local aesthetic you will be required to pay the Band 2 charge of £62.10 directly to us.

If you require treatment under sedation, you will be required to pay the Band 1 charge of £22.70 directly to us, and then an additional Band 2 charge of £62.10 to the treating Hospital / Practice which will cover the sedation costs.

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